mummy william

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m a writer, teacher, director and mum living in South West London with my husband David and little boy William.  Life is never quiet in our house, I run my own performing arts school and theatre company, as well as doing a Master’s in Social, Local and Family History.  In between this madness we love going on adventures anywhere and everywhere, come rain or shine.

I’ve always had a love of gardens and literature since I was a child.  My mum would take me out every weekend exploring.  I knew the common names for all the plants in our garden, I quoted Macbeth and knew all about Dickens and Dahl, and had a pretty good knowledge of all the National Trust houses south of Birmingham by the time I was 12!

This love of landscapes and literature has continued with me as an adult, and my love of gardens has developed, even more now we have our very own patch of the great outdoors.  I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, but I wasn’t quite sure which one of my interests should be the focus.  It was on a recent trip to the Lake District that the idea for Literary Landscapes was born, after a visit to William Wordsworths house, Dove Cottage.

I hope you enjoy my adventures on literary landscapes as I travel the countryside in search of writers and their lives, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Great Britain has to offer, be it town or countryside!


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